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Season 1: Episode 27 "Black Friday Sales Guide | Email Marketing Strategies"

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To all my entrepreneurs out there, are you using email-marketing this holiday season??
If not, you aren’t helping anyone by leaving money on the table.We generate millions of dollars alone just through email marketing (especially this week!)
Luckily for you, I put together a course specifically for Holiday Email Marketing.
It’s a 5-step automation flow, so every single Holiday…You can click on ONE tab to see historically your:
:white_check_mark: Winning Subject Lines
:white_check_mark: Best Send times
:white_check_mark: Best offers 
PLUS learn how to create a dynamic segmented audience that move through dynamic segmented flows, so that you can show the right message and offer to the RIGHT people and make some money!
Seriously, this is PHD level shit, broken down BARNEY-style
:pray:Don’t miss out, this is the week to do it!
Black Friday and Cyber Monday only come ONCE a year:alarm_clock:
If you want access to my advanced email marketing course:

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