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Season 1: Episode 11 "Millionaire Mindset"

About the Show: 

Challenge Episode - Colin has 90 seconds to answer the most difficult marketing questions in this Rapid Fire Q&A Session!  

The episode takes place at the biggest house in Huntsville AL, where Colin Wayne and Mike Zeller host Founders Mastery -

A Mastermind for 25 of the top eCommerce Experts in the US.

We have selected 3 entrepreneurs from the Mastermind to participate in this Challenge

1) Luke Hartelust

2) Michael Gonzales

3) Nathan Garcia

Will Colin rise to the challenge and answer these entrepreneurs high-level questions before the clock runs out?

Find out in this Challenge Edition Episode of Call In With Colin

Call in with Colin Topics:
Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Email/SMS Marketing, Lifestyle, Fitness, Goal Setting, Mindset, Leadership, Cars, Military, Personal Branding, Making Money Online, and pretty much anything else. Colin is able to provide value based on a lifetime of building a successful "boot strapped 9 figure company, becoming a Staff Sergeant (E6) while serving in the US Military with 3 Combat Tours of Duty (Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan, becoming a successful Fitness Model with over 50+ Magazine Covers, among many others.

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