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These 7 Email Subject Lines could increase your CTR by 32%

Now assume that your campaign is all set best, and the content is written great along as well as the technical sides also are covered up, but what if nobody clicks to read them?

Yes, it is the subject line that compels the readers to act and open your wonderful art of well-crafted written content.

“Does writing a great subject line happens with luck? Or is there any checklist to follow?”

Great subject lines don’t have to revolve around some myths and so-called rules. You must portray what people are going to read through that email. But you must cater to some of the considerations, which are discussed below.

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How to improve email subject lines

Improving subject lines is a matter of trial and testing and above all knowing your audience. The more you engage with the people and know what people are expecting from you, the better you will craft those email subjects. Some points to be considered are:

1. Create Curiosity

As human psychology, we are curious about the things we don’t know. That’s why to leverage this thing, you must create curiosity in the subject lines. For example, instead of writing the subject line “Women tend to focus better on the cooperating environment”, you can rephrase it to “This is why women focus better in the cooperating environment”. This way you are not only targeting the direct pain point but are still being relevant to the subject without creating false expectations upfront.

2. Communicate Urgency/Scarcity

You might have observed this thing in the E-commerce store where you see “Only 2 items left in stock”. In some instances, this might be the case but in most of the scenarios they are creating the feeling of scarcity of the item and nobody loves the feeling of being left alone. You can also use, "Rock the color of the year", "The timer’s going off on your cart!" and "Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)"

3.  Free offers

Who doesn’t like freebies? But the thing is, many marketers are afraid of using the word “Free” in the subject line thinking it might end up in the customer's spam box.

According to the research by Neil Patel, writing the “Free” even in all caps has no effect on the rate of email deliverability but care should be considered to the actual value that you’re providing to your customers. Like, "👗 Free (Cool!) Clothes Alert 👖" but if you write the subject line as a free offer and give something out of premium offer or don’t at all, that will create a negative brand image and might raise red flags from the ISPs.

Long story short, free offers are still relevant and to some extent quite successful in the email marketing industry.

4.  Personalized subject lines

As the new email marketing software is on the roll, it is very much possible to gather a large amount of data instead of just the first and the last name. Yes, you are still using names in the subject lines, but apart from that you can use other things like:

  • Birthday
  • Transaction History
  • Location
  • Relationship Status
  • Browsing History etc.

This creates trust and helps build a long-term relationship with the readers. Moreover, it can also help improve the CRT and above all conversions.

5.  Highlight recent news topic

We all love listening to news relevant to our location, therefore if you target people based on a different location, you can use this tactic too. Like, "Important Weather Advisory" and "Google sees smartphone heroics in Oreo. It's The Daily Crunch." Even example like these, "China Falls, Sleepy Unicorns, And The Deals Aren’t Bigger In Texas" is also common among marketers.?

6.  Story teasers

As discussed before, we are more inclined towards stories rather than facts because it creates a sense of curiosity. Hence if you can portray the story in your subject line, chances are strong on good CTR. Like, "Abra-cord-abra! Yeah, we said it.", "Watch Out for This Amazon Phishing Scam." and Buffer has been hacked - here is what's going on" etc.

7.  Announcement of events

Announcing events and seminars and that too which are free, are relatively old in the email marketing industry as this was very common back in the days to communicate through email when social media was not very common. So, you can use some subject lines like, "Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring" and "🐶 Want a Custom Emoji of Tullamore & 6 Months FREE Walks? Book a Walk Today for Your Chance to Win!" to address anything related to events announcements.

Examples of Subject lines for specific Industries

We have discussed how to write the subject line for better email deliverability, but some subject lines are specific to some industries which may include jargon (although it is recommended to omit these to the common person to interpret) and technical know-how. Here are some examples:

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is wide and spread across the world. The norms are different at different locations but overall, the trend is the same. Fashion marketers are always on the go in showcasing new arrivals or before the start of any season. Therefore, it is important for them that people click on their emails to get set results.

One specific thing that they can add in the number of remaining items in the stock like,”291 new arrivals (BTW, they’re 40% off!)”, “let’s start this off with a gift: enjoy 10% off your next purchase”, “It’s official. You’re one of us. (Here’s 20% off)” and “SAAALE! Extra 40%! Sorry for yelling!” etc.

Automotive Industry

Half of the people related to the automotive sector read or open the email based on the subject line of the email. Therefore, if you are looking to market new vehicles, you need to hit the mark.

Some examples that might be interesting for you are:

“It’s all inside: HGTV® Smart Home, Maybach S-Class & giving back”, “We Will Buy Any Car Regardless Of Year Make And Model!”, “When your car speaks with both intention and emotion” and “Adventure Awaits: Trailblazer and Tahoe Take On the Wilderness”.

Travel Industry

The travel industry is one the fastest and popular industries booming in the email marketing world, though it has received some setbacks to the ongoing pandemic.

You must target people based on the geographical location and set realistic goals upfront. Like you can recommend the travel in summers times or when people are most likely to get the vacation holidays.

Some examples are. “Zero Deposit Event | Coming Soon!”, “Your Next Adventure Is Closer Than You Think!”, “Get booking now for summer 2022!” and “8 Places in the U.S. Where You Can See the Northern Lights”.

Non-Profit Subject Line

Non-profit organizations are always on the move to meet the targeted goals of getting the funds to meet the expenses. Therefore, they need to uplift their subject line writing game.

Some good examples from famous non-profit organizations are, “Don’t miss out on this 2X match opportunity.”, “Matched gifts for Giving Day ending soon”, “You + Sesame Workshop Muppets bring joy to refugee children” and “Clean up your monthly giving emails with these templates” etc.


Subject lines are very important in getting the attention of the readers whereas a good subject line can help improve CRT and conversions. The above guidelines should be kept in mind at the time of writing and try to revolve your subject line theme around them to get the best results. Also, you can take examples from the industries which we have talked about above.


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